A Rural Biotech Creating Tools for Agriculture, Medicine, and Research

Current Projects

Lash Laboratory Solutions is working to develop a molecular method for  raw milk testing that will capitalize on the impressive amplification of  target that modern biological assays can provide. Our testing methods  focus upon the identification of total bacterial content, yeast and mold  content, and eukaryotic cell content with specific testing that will  identify known pathogens as well as quantify the host cells present in  the samples. Our testing method will improve the overall test time from  days to hours, allowing in process testing of milk and processing  equipment. Our goal is to bring about a revolution where the health  benefits of raw milk can be safely realized.

About Us

Innovative and Rural

Located in the city of Keene we are building a business to provide innovative assays and support solutions for agriculture, medicine, and research.

Community Centered

We live and work in the community and are happy to be a part of the BiO NeSTe Rural Biotech Incubator. We hope to use our success as a model to help other startup biotech companies succeed in our region.

Ready to Help

We are always looking for challenging new projects for our team. Let us know what we can do for you!

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